Daniel Auguste

Dissertation Title: “New Insights on Determinants of Entrepreneurial Entry: A Theoretical, Empirical, Multilevel and Comparative Analysis of the Structural and Agency Dimensions of Entrepreneurial Processes.”
Dissertation Committee: Ted Mouw; Howard E. Aldrich; Arne L. Kalleberg; François Nielsen; Martin Ruef
Areas of Interest: Economic Inequality, Gender Stratification, Entrepreneurship, Economic and Organizational Sociology, Labor Markets, Globalization and the Welfare State, Haiti, Quantitative Methods
daguste@live.unc.edu | CV



Holly Straut Eppsteiner

Dissertation Title: “Constrained Choices: Immigrant Mothers Negotiating Work, Family, and Legality in the New South”
Dissertation Chair: Jacqueline Hagan
Areas of Interest: International migration; gender; work, occupations, and labor markets; family; qualitative methods; religion and migration
hstraut@unc.edu | Website | CV



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Sarah Gaby

Dissertation Title: “Becoming Activists: Participatory Practices in Youth Civic Associations.”
Dissertation Chairs: Andy Andrews and Neal Caren
Areas of Interest: Social Movements, inequality and politics, political sociology, organizations, online organizing, youth and civic engagement, race and class inequality, quantitative and qualitative methods
sgaby@unc.edu | Website | CV


Jonathan Horowitz

Dissertation Title: “Work, Love, and Dissent: Activist Participation in the Transition to Adulthood.”
Dissertation Chair: Andy Andrews
Areas of Interest: Social Movements; Sociology of Higher Education; Work and Occupations; Inequality and Stratification; Social Psychology
jhorowitz@unc.edu | Website | CV


Atiya Husain

Dissertation Title: “Muslim Making in the United States Black/White Racial Order”
Dissertation Chair: Karolyn Tyson
Areas of Interest: Race/Ethnicity, Religion, Gender and Sexuality, Qualitative Methods, Social Movements, Culture
ahusain@live.unc.edu | CV


Lindsey King

Lindsey King

Dissertation Title: “Workers’ Evaluations of Risk in the Context of Welfare Production Regimes”
Dissertation Chair: Arne Kalleberg
Areas of Interest: Work and Occupations; Social Psychology; Political Sociology
lmking@email.unc.edu | Website | CV



Bo Hyeong Jane Lee

Dissertation Title: “Young Women’s Family Schemas, Intimate Partner Violence, and Education in the Transition to Adulthood”
Advisor: Lisa Pearce
janeblee@live.unc.edu | Website



Brian Levy

Dissertation Title: “Neighborhood Disadvantage and Wellbeing Across the Life Course: Estimating Potentially-Causal Effects with Non-Random Selection into Neighborhoods”
Dissertation Chair: Kathleen Mullan Harris
Areas of Interest: Neighborhoods, Social Context, Inequality, Poverty, Race, Environment, and Social Demography
blevy@unc.edu | CV

AllisonMathewsHeadshot09272013ForInternet-1Allison Mathews

Dissertation Title: “Negotiating Multiple Stigmatized Identities: Examining the Strategies Black Gay Men Use to Reduce Identity Conflict.”
Dissertation Chair: Karolyn Tyson
amathews@email.unc.edu | Website | CV