Culture/Politics Workshop

The Workshop on Cultural and Political Sociology is a forum for UNC-Chapel Hill sociology faculty and graduate students engaged in cultural and/or political sociology, broadly defined. Launched in 2006-2007, the workshop provides an intellectual home for participants, combining friendly lunchtime interaction and sustained scholarly engagement with members’ work. The workshop meets twice a month during the academic year to discuss a paper in progress, which is distributed and read ahead of time to ensure vigorous, substantive, and helpful engagement. Presenters include graduate students, UNC faculty, and visitors from around the world, both junior scholars and leading figures in these partially overlapping fields.

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Inequality Workshop

The Inequality Workshop provides a venue for UNC-Chapel Hill sociology faculty and graduate students to present original research on issues related to social inequality. Social inequality is broadly defined, and the workshop covers a wide variety of substantive areas. The workshop meets twice per month to discuss a paper in progress.

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Race/Ethnicity Workshop

The UNC Race/Ethnicity Workshop consists of graduate students and professors who meet bi-weekly to share an interest in research and scholarship in the substantive area of race and ethnicity. The group was formed to meet the needs of the growing number of graduate students with research interests in race and ethnicity.  It provides a venue for those who are interested in receiving feedback on their work can do so in a constructive environment.  On March 30-31, 2012, the UNC Race/Ethnicity Workshop, along with the Duke Race Workshop and graduate students from North Carolina Central University, will co-host the first annual Triangle Race Conference, entitled, “Research and Resistance: Race Across the Disciplines.”

Please contact Mosi Ifatunji ( for more information.

Sawyer Seminar on Precarious Work in Asia

This seminar series examines precarious work in a variety of Asian countries (China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Thailand). By “precarious work,” we refer to the uncertainty, instability and insecurity of work in which risks are borne primarily by workers rather than by employers or the government. The seminar will explore the extent of precarious work in these countries, examine the historical and cultural roots of precarious work, assess the consequences of precarious work for individuals and families in these societies, and consider a variety of political, social and economic policies that might address precarious work and its consequences. Throughout the eighteen months of the seminar, we will attempt to answer these questions in a series of internal seminars involving UNC participants and workshops that will bring in scholars from elsewhere in the U.S. and Asia.

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