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Graduate Student Association Officers


Kristen Schorpp
Holly Straut Eppsteiner

GPSF Representative:

Taylor Brown

Faculty Recruitment and Selection Committee:

Sarah Gaby
Charles Seguin

Graduate Studies Committee:

Autumn McClellan
Batool Zaidi

Tech Liaison:

Michael Schultz

Faculty Administration

Department Chair
Kenneth (Andy) Andrews
155 Hamilton Hall
(919) 962-1008

Associate Chair
Lisa Pearce, Associate Professor
159 Hamilton Hall
(919) 966-1450

Director of Graduate Studies
Charles Kurzman, Professor 
227 Hamilton Hall
(919) 962-1241

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Howard Aldrich
202 Hamilton Hall 
(919) 962-5044

Coordinator, Undergraduate Honors Program
Howard Aldrich
202 Hamilton Hall 
(919) 962-5044

Director, Summer School
Lisa Pearce, Associate Professor
159 Hamilton Hall
(919) 966-1450

Graduate Placement
Neal Caren
212 Hamilton Hall

Library/Book Chair
Charles Kurzman, Professor
227 Hamilton Hall
(919) 962-1241

Equal Employment Opportunity Officer
Andrew Perrin, Associate Professor
159 Hamilton Hall
(919) 962-6876

Pre-IRB Review Chair
Guang Guo, Professor
166 Hamilton Hall
(919) 962-1246

Editor of Social Forces
Arne Kalleberg
261 Hamilton Hall
(919) 962-0630

Book Review Editor, Social Forces
Chris Bail
225 Hamilton Hall
(919) 962-2482

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    Recent Alumni Placements



    • Gerald Lackey - Consultant Associate, McKinsey & Company







    • Berhane Araia, Assistant Professor, SUNY-Albany, New York
    • Kraig Beyerlein, Assistant Professor, University of Arizona, Tucson
    • Natalia Deeb-Sossa, Assistant Professor, University of 
      California, Davis
    • Melinda Denton, Assistant Professor, Clemson University
    • Amanda Elam, Postdoctoral position in Australia at the Brisbane School of Management
    • John Hipp, University of California, Irvine
    • Heather Kane, Postdoctoral at UNC Sheps Center for Health Service Research
    • Krista McQueeney, Visiting Assistant Professor, Bowdoin College
    • Martin Piotrowski, Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma
    • Phillip Kim, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison
    • Jeffrey Rosenthal, Visiting Assistant Professor, Wake Forest University


    • Tanya Golash-Boza, Assistant Professor, University of Kansas
    • Cheol Sung Lee, Assistant Professor, University of Utah
    • Stephen Lippmann, Assistant Professor, Miami University
    • Catherine Harnois, Assistant Professor, Wake Forest University
    • Ken Palmer, Post Doc, Center for International Studies
    • Lance Erickson, Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University



    • Jenny Godley, Assistant Professor, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    • Aree Jampaklay, Inst. for Population & Social Research, Manidol University, Thailand
    • Stephanie Moller, Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
    • Keri Iyall Smith, Assistant Professor, Stonehill College, Easton, MA
    • Shannon Cavanagh, Postdoc, University of Texas at Austin
    • Karen Benjamin Guzzo, Postdoc, University of Pennsylvania
    • Jenifer Hamil Luker, Postdoc, Duke University


    • Holly Heard, Assistant Professor, Rice University
    • Erin Leahey, Assistant Professor, University of Arizona
    • Margaret Mueller, Project Director/Research Analyst, Leo J. Shapiro & Assoc., Chicago
    • Jennifer Stoloff, Policy Development and Research, Department of HUD


    • Jennifer Glanville, Assistant Professor, University of Iowa
    • Mark Regnerus, Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin
    • Linda Renzulli, Assistant Professor, University of Georgia
    • Jeremy Reynolds, Postdoc, University of Georgia
    • Suzanne Ryan, Research Associate, Child Trends, Washington, DC
    • Elizabeth Stearns, Postdoc, Duke University
    • Leah VanWay, Assistant Professor, Indiana University


    • Ken Hudson, Assistant Professor, University of Oregon
    • Jeremy Marmer, Postdoc, University of Chicago


    • Ted Baker, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin- Madison, School of Business
    • Jill Bouma, Assistant Professor, Berea College
    • David Cunningham, Assistant Professor, Brandeis University
    • Joseph Gerteis, Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
    • James Kirby, Agency for Health Care Policy and Research, Washington, DC
    • Chen Meng, North Carolina Department of Revenue
    • James Moody, Assistant Professor, Ohio State University
    • David Sikkink, Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame
    • Kate Stovel, Assistant Professor, University of Washington
    • Ray Swisher, Postdoc, Cornell University


    • Marion Hughes, Assistant Professor, Towson University
    • Hyojoung Kim, Assistant Professor, University of Washington
    • Monica Gaughan, Assistant Professor,  Oglethorpe University
    • Pamela Paxton, Assistant Professor, Ohio State University
    • Ed Powers, Assistant Professor, University of Central Arkansas


    • Debra Donahoe, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Office of Population Research, Princeton University
    • Katherine Giuffre, Assistant Professor, Colorado College
    • Hui Huang, Assistant Professor, Rowan College of New Jersey
    • Le Ngoc Hung, Assistant Professor, National University of Vietnam, Hanoi.
    • Rory McVeigh, Assistant Professor, Notre Dame
    • Rekha Mirchandani, Assistant Professor, Bucknell University
    • Mabel Namubuya Nangami, Assistant Professor, Moi University
    • Susan Short, Assistant Professor, Brown University


    • Sara Curran, Assistant Professor, Princeton University
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