Departmental Commencement Ceremonies

The Sociology Department holds a commencement ceremony for graduating seniors majoring in Sociology and Management & Society. The ceremony is held in May, on the Saturday before the university commencement ceremony. Participation in the 2017 Sociology Departmental Commencement Ceremony is open to all senior sociology majors who graduated in the fall (December 2016) and those seniors who will graduate in May or August of 2017. Graduates receive a certificate of completion from the Sociology Department.

The 2017 Management & Society Commencement Ceremony will be held on Saturday, May 13 at 10am in Hamilton Hall 100. The 2017 Sociology Commencement Ceremony will be held on Saturday, May 13 at 3:00 p.m. in Hamilton Hall 100. There will be a reception for grads and their guests following the ceremony where light refreshments will be served.

Students will need to RSVP to participate in the ceremony. If you have not RSVP’ed with the number of guests you will be bringing, contact Claire Chipman ( as soon as possible.

Graduation Ceremony Information

Management and Society: May 13 at 10am in Hamilton Hall 100; Sociology: May 13 at 3pm in Hamilton Hall 100

Graduates are asked to wear their caps and gowns for this ceremony, but it is not required.

The doors will be opened at 9:15am (M&S) and 2:15 p.m (Sociology). There are no tickets needed for this event and the seating is open. Graduates will be seated together in the first three to four rows of the auditorium. For guests in wheelchairs or those who need specific accommodations, please contact Claire Chipman at to make arrangements.

A reception for graduates and their guests will be held immediately following the ceremony in Hamilton Hall 271 where light refreshments will be served. Please be sure to stop by the reception!

Info for Grads

Graduates are asked to wear their cap and gown for the ceremony; however it is not required. All graduates will be seated together in the front of the room. The ceremonies will begin promptly at 10am and 3:00 p.m.; please try to arrive at least 20 minutes early. When you arrive, it is very important that you check in with Claire at the front of the room (HH100) so your certificate can be pulled and your name called during the ceremony!

There are no tickets needed for this event. Each graduate is allowed a maximum of eight guests. Your guests are free to sit in any seats not reserved for graduates or wheelchair/disabled guests.

To participate in the Sociology Departmental Commencement Ceremony, you need to RSVP. Please be sure to respond to the RSVP survey that will be sent out to graduating seniors at the end of March, or contact Claire Chipman at

Info for Guests

There are no tickets needed for entry and no reserved seating other than the first few rows which are marked off for the graduates and any seats reserved for wheelchair/disabled guests.

During the ceremony, when your graduate’s name is called, you are invited to come down to the front of the room to take pictures and even join your graduate in the photos. Be sure to bring your camera.

Please be sure to stop by the reception being held for our graduates following the graduation ceremony. Light refreshments will be served.

Graduation Photos

During the ceremony, guests are encouraged to take pictures of their graduates as they receive their certificates. Guests are also able to join their graduate in the photos! This photo opportunity is one of the good reasons for grads to wear their caps and gowns for the ceremony!


On the day of the commencement ceremonies (Saturday, May 13), most lots on campus should be open and free for graduates and guests. This includes visitor lots and lots typically reserved for students and staff during the week. Many departments on campus hold their commencement ceremonies on Saturday, May 13 throughout the day, and so some lots may be reserved and unavailable. If you’d like to park on campus, we recommend arriving with plenty of time to spare so you can search for a spot. A map of parking lots on campus is at the link below. You can also contact the Transportation and Parking office at 919-962-3951.

If your car has a state DMV disability sticker, you can park at any of the spaces marked for disability parking by a sign with a blue square and wheelchair. There are two small roads next to Hamilton Hall (Lenoir/Davis Drive and Emerson Drive) which have disability parking spaces. There are also UNC disability parking spaces reserved for faculty and students. These spaces have an orange square on the sign. Many of the UNC disability parking spaces are only reserved for faculty and students Monday-Friday, so you can park there on Saturday. The sign will say whether the space is reserved for UNC disability permit holders just during the week or at all times.

University Commencement

For information on the university-wide commencement on Sunday, please see the link below: