For the most accurate and up-to-date information, please consult the Undergraduate Bulletin.

Departmental Requirements

The major in management and society consists of 10 core courses grouped into the following four areas:

• Economics:

  • Either ECON/MNGT 310 or ECON 410 by the end of the junior year

• Employer-employee relations; one course from three of the five clusters below:

  • BUSI 405
  • COMM 120; COMM/MNGT 223, 325; PSYC 563
  • MNGT/SOCI 131
  • PSYC 531
  • PSYC 260 or SOCI 112

• Human resources and labor markets:

  • ECON/MNGT 380 and MNGT/SOCI 427 (both courses required)

• The social context of business:

  • ECON/MNGT 345 and MNGT/SOCI 410 (both courses are required)

• Two additional courses are required, one course from two of the four clusters below:

  • ECON/MNGT 330 or HIST/MNGT 364
  • ECON/MNGT 433 or HIST/MNGT 365
  • MNGT/SOCI 412
  • MNGT/SOCI 415

Additional Requirements

• Foundations: Quantitative reasoning:

  • MATH 152 or 231 (QR) or STOR 112 or 113 (QR)

• Approaches: Physical and life sciences (including laboratory):

  • PSYC 101 (PL)

• Approaches: Social and behavioral sciences, all three from the following list:

  • ECON 101 (SS), HIST 128 (HS, NA), and SOCI 101 (SS)

• One of the following applied statistics courses outside the major:

  • ECON 400 (QI), PSYC 210 (QI), or SOCI 252

All General Education requirements must be met. Students must earn at least 21 hours of C or better in the major core. Some of the core courses are cross-listed. For descriptions of the courses, see the listings under the various departments’ headings.

Students who wish to complete major requirements at another institution (such as summer transfer courses or study abroad experiences) should contact Claire Chipman ( prior to enrolling in those courses. Students will not be guaranteed major credit for any courses taken elsewhere if they have not previously received approval from the department.

Special Note for Economics Double Majors

Double majors in economics and management and society may take ECON 430 instead of 330, ECON 445 instead of 345, and ECON 480 instead of 380. Students who are not double majoring in Economics and wish to take ECON 430 instead of 330, ECON 445 instead of 345, or ECON 480 instead of 380 should contact the Assistant Director for Undergraduate Studies, Claire Chipman, at

Special Note for Sociology Double Majors

Students who double major in Sociology and Management and Society can count SOCI 101, SOCI 252 and up to three additional Sociology courses toward both majors.