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7 Department of Sociology seniors completed the 2 semester honors sequence this year and earned an “honors” designation on their Carolina degree.

Student Adviser Thesis Title
Jennifer Denning Neal Caren Activists’ Use of Media and Messaging
Bridget (Bridie) McDonough Andrew Perrin A Disappointing Democracy?
Political Representation, Inequality, and Policy in South Africa Since 1994
Anna Ormond
(highest honors)
Laura Lopez-Sanders Bloodlines, Ball Gowns, Trashed in the Hotel Room: Hegemonic Processes of Debutantes as Southern Social Royalty.
Virginia Riel
(highest honors)
Ted Mouw What Does Race Have To Do With Getting on the ‘Right Track?’ Through Their Own Voices: An Analysis of How Tracking Stratifies Students by Race
Jon Tostoe Neal Caren Silence in Rwanda: Rationalizing International Response 20 Years Later
Molly Williams
(highest honors)
Andrew Perrin Nearer, My God, to Thee: Religion in Executed Persons’ Last Statements
Yue (Ashelee) Yang
(highest honors)
Jacqueline Hagan Negotiating Identity: A Sociological Study of Chinese Adoptees in the United States
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