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Daniel Benjamin ‘75

I made the mistake of telling my dear wife that my four years at Carolina were the best years of my life.  You see, she graduated from Syracuse and in college I Knew her not.   Fortunately, the error was not fatal, and two children and two grandchildren later, we are well and splitting our time between Stamford, CT and Palm Beach, FL.  I am a trial lawyer with a small firm and practice in CT and to a lesser degree in NY.  I have visited Carolina many times and despite showing my son my honors’ thesis, which was still on the shelf, he rebelliously chose Duke.  My daughter was a PBK, as was I, my mom’s twin, and their dad, my grandfather.  It might be an interesting project to do a sociological study on multigenerational PBKs.  I am no genius, merely a hard worker and generally competent in completing tasks.  That would be my general hypothesis, and I would leave the data collection and analysis to others.  Thank UNC Sociology for teaching me so many years ago and encouraging me as an honors student.

Submitted January 2016