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Elizabeth Presler-Marshall

Ph.D. 1998


My favorite “department” memory is about Peter Blau. While I was working for Judith one semester I was allocated a parking spot in front of their house. One afternoon, as I was walking back from classes, a car came hurtling down Cobb Terrace like a bat out of hell. Which, given Cobb Terrace, was terrifying.

The car was driven by Peter.

The next day I saw Peter in the halls and told him that he had scared me to death with his driving.

He said, “I am a very old man. I have to get everywhere very fast before I go blind. Or die!”

He was a funny guy.


Anyway, I’m still in Chapel Hill. I had my third child within days of defending my dissertation and we just never really got around to leaving–it’s a good community to raise kids. Especially if you want them to spend lots of time in the woods and grow up to be critical thinkers of a liberal bent.


I’ve homeschooled the kids for most of the last two decades, but am now an independent consultant working on gender issues in international development. Most of my work centers around adolescent girls in Ethiopia and Vietnam.


For your records, I can be reached at:;

Submitted late September 2015