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1.Thank-you Notes: send out your thank-you notes as soon as you can

2.Wait Patiently for Good News

  • Keep in touch with the search committee/chair
  • Be ready to answer additional questions or to provide additional materials
  • The decision process can take a long time
    • Committee members may be busy and not able to meet
    • Others may be scheduled for interviews over the subsequent weeks

3.Check Prevailing Faculty Salaries

  • Try to determine the salary range of previous year new hires
    • ASA salary data
    • If it’s a public institution, check for published salaries.  The even numbers (ending in 3 zeros) usually indicate a previous year new hire.
    • Check the Chronicle of Higher Education for aggregate wage information

4.Counter-Offer and Negotiation

  • Ask if there is any negotiating room in the offer
  • Time is as important as money
    • Negotiate for course reduction
    • Ask for release time in the future
  • Summer salary, research support, etc
  • Moving expenses
  • Benefits package
  • Computer and others

5.Honor Your Contractual Obligation

  • The academy is a smaller community than you might think.  Don’t burn any bridges.