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1. ASA Employment Service

  • Speed-dating
  • Testing the market
  • Networking

2.The Phone Interview

  • Learn names of faculty and teaching/research specialties off the web
  • Find out who will be present for the phone interview
  • If it is a conference call, don’t let lag and confusion throw you off
  • The task is to get them to put you on the “short-short” list for an on-site interview
  • Learn from your mistakes so you can be polished for the job you really want

3.The On-Campus Interview

  • Preparation
    • Get location specific advice on job talk
    • Research the faculty to prep for meetings
    • Prepare talk, practice, practice, practice!
  • Travel
    • Try to get an itinerary in advance, be flexible and adjustable
    • Take carry-on items in case your luggage is lost
    • Pack sensible clothes and shoes for walking around campus
    • Overdress is better than underdress
    • Pack high energy snacks
    • Keep room on your credit card to pay for your trip (and then be reimbursed)
    • Have backups for important items such like your presentation files
  • Interview will typically last 1-2 days
    • Meet with search committee, dept chair, dean/provost, faculty, and/or students
    • Give a formal presentation and/or teach a class
    • Tour campus facilities and town
  • You are always being interviewed, even at social occasions
    • Collegiality is gauged at meals, as are your general views of the world
    • Refrain from drinking alcohol
    • Be polite and use professional titles unless invited to be less formal
    • Don’t overlook the influence of secretaries and students
  • Prepare both questions and answers
    • An honest answer is often the best answer
    • It is also your opportunity to learn your future colleagues
    • Be a good listener
    • Be ready to answer the “ABD” question
    • Handle illegal questions gracefully. Search committees are not always skilled at interviewing.  Assume their questions come from a spirit of goodwill.
  • Be yourself and enjoy the process