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1. Are you ready for the market?

  • Review Your Career Goal and Progress
  • Talk with Your Advisor(s)
  • Decide What Type of Job You Want
    • Industry/Government/Applied
    • Private/Public College/University

2. Find the Job Listings

  • ASA Job Bank
  • Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Professional Publications
  • Online Announcements
  • Personal Contacts
  • Convention Placement Services (e.g. ASA Employment Service)

3. Decide Where to Apply

  • Job Fit
    • Peterson’s/Barron’s
    • U.S. News & World Report Rankings
  • Location and Community
    • Various “Quality of Life” Rankings
  • College and Community Websites
  • Short List

4. The Application Package

  • The Cover Letter
  • The Vita
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Writing Samples, Teaching Portfolio, Research Statement, etc.

5. Tracking Your Applications

  • Application Log
    • Know the job ad and what they are looking for
    • List contacts, dates of correspondence, etc.
  • Pay Attention to Deadlines
  • Email/mail Confirmations

6. Online Tools

  • Online Discussion Board
  • Sanitize Your Social Networking Sites

7. Be Ready

  • Know Something about the School and Department in Case They Call
    • Be ready to discuss your academic training and teaching areas
    • Be ready to discuss your research and dissertation topic (3-sentence/ 1-paragraph/ and 5-minute versions)
  • Putting together your teaching package
    • Know the textbooks in your field
    • Prepare sample syllabi
    • Prepare a sample (generic) lecture, activity/discussion protocol
  • Putting together your job talk
    • Prepare a generic presentation, based on your research
    • Rehearsal as often as you can