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Jackie Hagan has been awarded the Robert G. Parr Distinguished Term Professorship in Research and Undergraduate Education. Appointment to this professorship is intended to recognize outstanding scholarly and teaching contributions to the University and the Division of Social Sciences.

Jacqueline Maria Hagan is a professor of Sociology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her research interests include international migration, race and ethnic relations, religion, and human rights. She is author of Deciding to be Legal (Temple 1994) and Migration Miracle (Harvard 2008). She has written extensively on the effects of recent U.S. immigration reform initiatives on the rights and opportunities of immigrants and their families in the United States and recently completed a project on the human, social, and economic consequences of U.S. deportation policy. Her current research project (with Jean Luc Demonsant) examines the role that skills acquired on the job both in places of origin and destination play in the economic opportunities of migrants and return migrants.

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