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Areas of Interest:

Religion (Islam), Gender


B.A. Sociology, National University of Singapore, 2017 Master of Social Sciences (Sociology), National University of Singapore, 2022
M.A. Sociology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2023

Recent Publications

Alatas, Syed Imad. (2023). Compatibility despite Controversy: Sunni-Shia Marriages within the Singapore Muslim Community. Special Issue on Asian Families: Networks, Practices, and Inequalities. Asian Studies: Journal of Critical Perspectives on Asia 58(2): 1-28.

Alatas, Syed Imad. (2023). Malaysian Muslimah Activists’ Modes of Thought: Rereading Islamic and Alternative Sources of Knowledge. Kajian Malaysia (Journal of Malaysian Studies) 41(1): 133-152.

Alatas, Syed Imad. (2020). Islamic Attitudes towards Israel and Jews: A Comparison of Malaysia and Indonesia. Asia Pacific Social Science Review 20(3): 153-162.

Alatas, Syed Imad. (2018). Institutional Setting and Lived Masculinities among Male Adolescents: A Case Study of a Government-aided All-Boys Secondary School in Singapore. Southeast Asian Social Science Review 3(2): 57-82.


Office: 162 Hamilton Hall (soon to be Pauli Murray Hall)