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Areas of Interest:

Religion, Political Sociology, Gender, Middle East Sociology


2020 M.S. in Survey Methodology, University of Michigan
2018 B.A. in Sociology, University of Michigan

Recent Publications

Schober, Michael F., Shlomit Okon, Frederick G. Conrad, Andrew L. Hupp, Ai Rene Ong, and Kallan M. Larsen. 2023. “Predictors of Willingness to Participate in Survey Interviews Conducted by Live Video” (in press). Technology, Mind, and Behavior.

Conrad, Frederick G., Michael F. Schober, Andrew L. Hupp, Brady T. West, Kallan M. Larsen, Ai Rene Ong, and Tianheao Wang. 2022. “Video in survey interviews: Effects on data quality and respondent experience.” methods, data, analyses.

West, Brady T., Ai Rene Ong, Frederick G. Conrad, Michael F. Schober, Kallan M. Larsen, and Andrew L. Hupp. 2022. “Interviewer Effects in Live and Prerecorded Video Interviewing.” Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology 10(2):317-336.

Schober, Michael F., Frederick G. Conrad, Andrew L. Hupp, Kallan M. Larsen, Ai Rene Ong, and Brady T. West. 2020. “Design Considerations for Live Video Survey Interviews.” Survey Practice 13(1).


Office: 218 Hamilton Hall (soon to be Pauli Murray Hall)