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Professor Emeritus

Areas of Interest:

Advanced Quantitative Methods; Family; Fertility, Mortality, and Population Growth

Documents Online:

  • Morgan, S. Philip. and Kellie. Hagewen. 2005a. “Is Very Low Fertility Inevitable in America?
  • Insights and Forecasts From An Integrative Model of Fertility.” Pp3-28 in The New Population Problem: Why Families in Developed Counties are Shrinking and What it Means., edited by A. Booth and A. C. Crouter. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.
  • Morgan, S. Philip. 2003. “Is low fertility a 21st century demographic crisis? (PAA Presidential Address).” Demography 40:589.603. NIHMS185195
  • Quesnel-Vallée Amélie, Morgan S Philip. Missing the target? Correspondence of fertility intentions and behavior in the U.S.Population Research and Policy Review. 2003;22:497–525.
  • Rindfuss, Ronald R., Karen Benjamin Guzzo, and S. Philip Morgan. 2003. “The changing institutional context of low fertility.” Population Research and Policy Review 22:411- 438.

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