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Fall 2012

September 5, 2012 (12:00-1:00pm)

Angel Harris, Associate Professor, Princeton University

“A Search for Oppositional Culture: Race, Perceptions of Upward Mobility, and Schooling”

September 13, 2012(12:00-1:00pm)

Michael Hout, Professor, Department of Demography Director, Berkeley Population Center, University of California at Berkeley

“Employment, Faith, and Happiness during the Great Recession: Data from the 2006-2010 GSS Panel”

September 26, 2012(12:00-1:00pm)

UNC-CH Sociology ASA Panel

Colin Campbell – “The Effect of Education on Attitudes: Evidence from Sibling Pairs”

Brandon Gorman – “Who Should rule the Islamic State?”

Allison Matthews – “Understanding the Role of Identity in Black Gay Men’s Religious Choice and Participation”

Tiantian Yang and Howard Aldrich – “Status Organization and Role Stereotyping: Institutionalized Gender inequality in Entrepreneurial Times”

October 10, 2012(12:00-1:00pm)

Michael Gaddis, Graduate Odum Award Winner, Ph.D. Candidate, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“Discrimination in the Credential Society: An Audit Study of Race, Class and College Selectivity in the Labor Market”

October 31, 2012(12:00-1:00pm)

Phil Morgan, Professor, Director of Carolina Population Center, UNC – CH

“Fertility Intentions: There’s More Than We Think (and Sometimes Less)”

November 8, 2012(12:00-1:00pm)

Victor Nee, Frank and Rosa Rhodes Professor, Director of the Center for the Study of Economy and Society, Cornell University

December 5, 2012(12:00-1:00pm)

Kevin Thomas, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Demography, Penn State University

“The New Immigrant Paradox: Highly-Skilled Black Immigrants, Occupational Mismatches, and the Economic Disadvantage of Black Children in Immigrant Families”

Spring 2013

January 23, 2013 (12:00 – 1:00pm)

Tyrone Forman, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Emory University

“Exploring Prejudice in the Post-Racial Era”

January 30, 2013 (12:00-1:00pm)

John McCarthy, Distinguished Professor of Sociology, Penn State University

“Accounting for the Likelihood of Campus Community Public Disorders, 1997-2007”

February 6, 2013 (12:00-1:00pm)

John Shelton Reed, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, UNC – Chapel Hill

February 27, 2013 (12:00-1:00pm)

Nitza Berkovitch, Professor of Sociology, Ben Gurion University, Israel

“The Politics of (In)Visibility: On the Blind Spots of Women’s Discrimination in the Academy”

March 27, 2013 (12:00-1:00pm) Doris Selo Lecture

Aldon Morris, Professor, Northwestern University

“Sociology of W.E.B. Du Bois: Why Du Bois is the Founder of American Scientific Sociology”

April 3, 2013 (12:00-1:00pm) Social Forces Visiting Scholar

Michael Macy, Goldwin Smith Professor of Arts and Sciences, Department of Sociology, Cornell University

“Why Do Liberals Drink Lattes?”

April 10, 2013 (12:00-1:00pm)

Jackie Hagan, Robert G. Parr Distinguished Professor, UNC – CH

“Identifying the Skills of the “Unskilled” in the Mexico-U.S. Migratory Circuit”

April 24, 2013 (12:00-1:00pm) Social Forces Visiting Scholar

Francesca Polletta, Professor, Department of Sociology, University of California at Irvine

“The Rise and Fall and Rise of a Democracy Based on Talk”