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Instead of holding all our Virtual Visiting Days events on Zoom, we’ll use Gathertown (Gather) when it’s time for us to socialize. Gather is a new video-calling platform that lets multiple people hold separate conversations simultaneously and walk in, out, and around those conversations like they would in real life in the before-times.

Gather works sort of like a normal physical space and is pretty intuitive. We each have our little avatars, and the closer our avatars get to each other, the more we can hear each other/see each other’s video. When you walk away from a person or group, their audio and video will grow fainter the further away you get. If you’ve played the Sims or Second Life you’re likely to pick up how to navigate this world quickly. Nervous about using a new platform? No problem! Jump on a little early and we’ll help you settle in and get your bearings.

We’ll be using three rooms during Virtual Visiting Days: The Beverage Garden; A Faculty Meeting Space; and a City Scape Rooftop. Check out the visual overviews of the rooms below and explore the key features to learn how it all works!

You can download a pdf that contains all of room overviews here. This pdf also includes a zoomed in view of the images below.



In Chrome, use this link to join us on Gather during Virtual Visiting Days

You will be asked to enter a passcode to join. This code will be emailed directly to you by the Graduate Student Services Manager, Kira Jones, prior to Virtual Visiting Days. Then, enter your First Name and Last Initial and (NewAdmit). Select the audio and video you want to use and click
“Join the Gathering”




**Please note that virtual backgrounds are not currently a feature in Gather**