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Ph.D. 1965

I came to UNC from Seminary in the Fall of 1960. Then I took five undergrad Sociology courses. Then I was accepted to the Ph.D. program. By the summer of 1964 I had inished my Ph.D. Charles Bowerman was my thesis adviser. I stayed on for a one year post-Doc. I worked for Dick Simpson as research assistant.

I had a major side interest during those years in Chapel Hill. I played major roles in four operas directed by UNC Professor Wilton Mason of the Music Department. I also toured with the North Carolina Symphony.

In the Fall of 1965 I joined the Sociology faculty of Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison. Over the next 40 years I taught about 20,000 students in “Marriage and Family.” My wife Diane and I spent 4-plus years in East Africa between 1970 and 2012, teaching and doing research.

During my career, I have published five books, including texts on “Family” and ”Social Theory,” and many articles. I was President of the National Council on Family Relations in 1984-5, and I have performed in many musical productions in Madison and elsewhere.

Contact information:
Bert N. Adams: 6205 Mineral Point Road, #703, Madison, Wi. 53705
Phone: 608- 231-1836
Submitted December 2016