Akram Al-Turk

Dissertation Title: The Rise of Performance-Based Accountability in Education: 1965-1994
Dissertation Chair: Kenneth T. Andrews
Areas of Interest: Organizations, Political Sociology, Public Policy, Urban Affairs, Social movements, Sociology of Knowledge
alturkaa@live.unc.edu | Website | CV


Alanna Gillis

Dissertation Title: Major Questions: Reproducing Inequality through College Major Decisions
Dissertation Chair:
Andrew Perrin
Areas of Interest:
Education, Stratification, Race/Class/Gender, Family, Civic Engagement/Volunteering, Social Problems, Culture, Teaching and Learning
alannag@live.unc.edu | Website | CV


George Hayward

Dissertation Title: Searching for Meaning: New Methods, Measures, and Modeling Approaches in the Study of Religiosity
Dissertation Chair: Lisa D. Pearce
Areas of Interest: Religion, Family, Adolescence, Demography, Quantitative Methods
georgemh@live.unc.edu | Website | CV


Jonathan Horowitz

Dissertation Title: Work, Love, and Dissent: Activist Participation in the Transition to Adulthood
Dissertation Chair:
Kenneth T. Andrews
Areas of Interest:
Education, Life Course Sociology, Social Movements, Inequality and Stratification
horowit1@email.unc.edu | Website | CV


Laura Krull

Dissertation Title: “If we aren’t the church for you:” Patterns of Discrimination against Same-Sex Couples in U.S. Churches
Dissertation Chair: Lisa D. Pearce
Areas of Interest: Religion, Family, Sexuality, Audit Studies, Qualitative Methods
lmkrull@live.unc.edu | Website | CV


David Rigby

Dissertation Title: The Making of Devolution: Political Competition and Immigration Policymaking in the US, 1960-2017
Dissertation Chair: Kenneth T. Andrews
Areas of Interest: Political Sociology, Immigration, Race & Ethnicity, Collective Behavior/Social Movements
drigby@live.unc.edu | Website | CV


Michael Schultz

Dissertation Title: Moving Up from the Bottom: Low-Wage Work, Poverty and Mobility in the Affluent Democracies
Dissertation Chair: Arne L. Kalleberg
Areas of Interest: Work and Labor Markets, Inequality and Poverty, Gender, Quantitative Methods, Organizations and Economic Sociology
schultzm@live.unc.edu | Website | CV


Katherine Tait

Dissertation Title: Secure Work in the Worker-Cooperative Sector
Dissertation Chair: Neal Caren
Areas of Interest: Collective Behavior/Social Movements, Economic Sociology, Political Sociology, Sociology of Work, and Theory
ktait@live.unc.edu | Website | CV

Kate Tierney

Dissertation Title: A Sociological and Demographic Analysis of Assisted Reproductive Technology in the United States
Dissertation Chair: Kathleen Mullan Harris
Areas of Interest: Social demography, Fertility, Health, Family
ktierney@live.unc.edu | Website | CV