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Tania Cabello-Hutt

Dissertation Title: A New Dimension of the Motherhood Penalty: Perceptions of Future Childbearing Risk
Dissertation Chair: Kate Weisshaar
Areas of Interest: Social and Gender Inequality; Gender Inequality in the Labor Market, Gender and Family; Transition to Parenthood; Life Course | Website | CV

Minne Chen

Dissertation Title: Sexual Education in China: Exploring Effectiveness and Implementation in Vocational High Schools
Dissertation Chair: Yong Cai, Kathleen Mullan Harris
Areas of Interest: Medical Sociology, Family Sociology, Mixed Methods

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Michelle Dromgold-Sermen

Dissertation Title: A Pathway to Permanence? Temporary Immigrants’ Navigation of the US Immigration System
Dissertation Chair: Jaqueline Hagan and Charles Kurzman
Areas of Interest: International Migration; Migration Policy; Time and Waiting; Immigrant Incorporation; Refugee Resettlement; Middle East Studies | WebsiteCV Request

Janelle Viera

Dissertation Title: “More Puerto Rican than a Coquí”: Race, Place, and Generational Perspectives among Stateside Puerto Ricans
Dissertation Chair: Jacqueline Hagan
Areas of Interest: Race and ethnicity, migration, social mobility, Puerto Ricans and U.S. Latinxs, qualitative methods

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