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Rebecca Bielamowicz

Dissertation Title: Schools, Neighborhoods, and the Reproduction of Inequality over the Life Course
Dissertation Chair: Ted Mouw
Areas of Interest: Social Stratification; Race & Ethnicity; Sociology of Education; Social Demography

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Minne Chen

Dissertation Title: Sexual Education in China: Exploring Effectiveness and Implementation in Vocational High Schools
Dissertation Chair: Yong Cai, Kathleen Mullan Harris
Areas of Interest: Medical Sociology, Family Sociology, Mixed Methods

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Alexis Dennis

Dissertation Title: Racial/ethnic Disparities in Depression among Young Adults in the United States
Dissertation Chair: Bob Hummer
Areas of Interest: Population Health; Mental Health; Medical Sociology; Race / Class / Gender; Race and Ethnicity, Social Stratification; Life Course

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Karam Hwang

Dissertation Title: Transforming Affinities: Sociability, Race, and Friendships on Three College Campuses
Dissertation Chair: Karolyn Tyson
Areas of Interest: Race, Class, and Gender, Sociology of Education, Culture

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Meng-Jung Lin

Dissertation Title: Women, Genes, and STEM: The Effects of Biology and Social Factors on STEM Careers
Dissertation Chair: Guang Guo
Areas of Interest: Society and Genomics, Advanced Quantitative Method, Gender



Janelle Viera

Dissertation Title: “More Puerto Rican than a Coquí”: Race, Place, and Generational Perspectives among Stateside Puerto Ricans
Dissertation Chair: Jacqueline Hagan
Areas of Interest: Race and ethnicity, migration, social mobility, Puerto Ricans and U.S. Latinxs, qualitative methods

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David Rigby

Dissertation Title: The Making of Devolution: Political Competition and Immigration Policymaking in the US, 1960-2017
Dissertation Chair: Kenneth T. Andrews
Areas of Interest: Immigration, Political Sociology, Race and ethnicity, Computational social science, Social Movements | Website | CV