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Claire Chipman Gilliland

Dissertation Title: Clergy Voices: How Conflicts over Race and Sexuality in America are Framed from the Pulpit
Dissertation Chair: Lisa Pearce
Areas of Interest: Religion, Stratification, Family | Website | CV



Iliya Gutin

Dissertation Title: A Growing Risk: Clinical, Epidemiologic, and Subjective Ambiguity in the Relationship between Weight and Health
Dissertation Chair: Robert A. Hummer
Areas of Interest: Social Demography; Population Health; Medical Sociology; Sociology of Health and Illness| Website | CV



David Rigby

Dissertation Title: The Making of Devolution: Political Competition and Immigration Policymaking in the US, 1960-2017
Dissertation Chair: Kenneth T. Andrews
Areas of Interest: Political Sociology, Immigration, Race & Ethnicity, Computational Sociology, Collective Behavior/Social Movements | Website | CV


Katherine Tait

Dissertation Title: Secure Work in the Worker-Cooperative Sector
Dissertation Chair: Neal Caren
Areas of Interest: Collective Behavior/Social Movements, Economic Sociology, Political Sociology, Sociology of Work, and Theory | Website | CV

Brionca Taylor

Dissertation Title: “We’re Not an Academic School”: Race, Gender, and Teachers’ Emotion Work in Temporary Public Alternative Schools
Dissertation Chair: Karolyn Tyson
Areas of Interest: Education, Race, Gender, Emotions, and Qualitative Methods
| Website | CV