Joseph Bongiovi

Dissertation Chair: Arne Kalleberg
Areas of Interest: Organizations; work; international and comparative, particularly Asia and Latin America; gender; peace, war and defense | Website | CV



David Braudt

Dissertation Title: Investigating Gene-Environment Interactions in Social Stratification and Inequality
Dissertation Chairs:
Kenneth A. Bollen and Kathleen Mullan Harris
Areas of Interest:
Social Stratification, Quantitative Methods (with a particular interest in Structural Equation Models with Latent Variables), Education, Population Health, and the integration of genetic and social science research | Website | CV



Samuel Fishman

Dissertation Title: Burning with Educational Ambition: Psychosocial-Demographic Models of Educational Attainment.
Dissertation Chair: 
S. Philip Morgan
Areas of Interest:
Stratification, Inter-generational Transmission, Fertility/Mortality and Population Growth, Education, Race/Ethnicity, Immigration, Quantitative Methods | CV


Jonathan Horowitz

Dissertation Title: Work, Love, and Dissent: Activist Participation in the Transition to Adulthood
Dissertation Chair:
Kenneth T. Andrews
Areas of Interest:
Education, Life Course Sociology, Social Movements, Inequality and Stratification | Website | CV


Autumn McClellan

Dissertation Title: Social Psychological Influences on Participation in Online Collective Action
Dissertation Chair:
Neal Caren
Areas of Interest:
Inequality, Social Movements, Research Methods, Quantitative Sociology | CV


Ricardo Martinez-Schuldt

Dissertation Title: Emigrant Claims and Consular Protection Services in the United States: An Analysis of Mexico’s Department of Protection Administrative Data 2010-2015
Dissertation Chair: Jacqueline Hagan
Areas of Interest:
Immigration and Migration, Crime and Delinquency, Crime Victimization, Quantitative Research Methods, Stratification | CV


Anna Rybinska

Dissertation Title: Non-normative Childbearing Behavior Over the Life Course
Dissertation Chair: S. Philip Morgan and Yong Cai
Areas of Interest: Fertility/Mortality and Population Growth; Family; Life Course and Aging; Advanced Quantitative Methods | CV



Didem Turkoglu

Dissertation Title: Who Gets to have a say in Higher Education: Neoliberal Reforms, Protest, and Opposition
Dissertation Chairs: Charles Kurzman and Neal Caren
Areas of Interest: Political Sociology; Social Movements; Race/Ethnicity; Economic Sociology; Political Culture; Comparative Historical Sociology; Mixed Methods | Website | CV



Batool Zaidi

Dissertation Title: Son preference and daughter aversion: Pakistani parents’ investment in health and education
Dissertation Chair: Philip S. Morgan
Areas of Interest: Demography; Gender; Family; Mixed Methods; Development Sociology; Maternal and Child Health; Social Inequality; Social Justice and Education | CV