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Students are required to complete one service-learning experience, a requirement that can be met in one of three ways. First, the student may take a course that includes a service-learning (APPLES) component. Second, after seeking and receiving the approval of the Director of the minor, the student may take a 1-3 credit Independent Studies or Special Topics course (summer or academic term) with a faculty member.  The third option is the 2-credit spring-break course, Alternative Spring Break (HBHE 610), which meets the service-learning requirement but not a course requirement.  Note that core courses do not necessarily contain a service-learning component; check the undergraduate bulletin each semester to confirm that courses are listed as APPLES courses.  Minors who wish to pursue other community and social action programs (without course credit) are encouraged to contact the Campus Y.

There are four courses required for the minor. You must take one of the following courses, which serves as the core course: “Political Geography” (GEOG/PWAD 453), “Space, Place, and Difference” (GEOG/WMST 225), “Philosophical Perspectives on Social Justice” (PHIL 273), or “Social and Economic Justice” (SOCI 273 or SOCI 274).  Additional courses are organized into three subject areas: “Understanding Justice,” “Justice in Action,” and “The Context of Justice.”  Students must take three courses (in addition to the course course) that cover at least two of these areas.  Thus, the minor is fulfilled with 12 to 14 credits, depending on whether the service-learning requirement is part of a three-credit course or is fulfilled in another way.  Please see the undergraduate bulletin for additional information on classes and requirements.

  • Students may use one SEJ course also to count as a General Education approach.
  • Students in the SEJ minor may use only one course in their major to also count as a course in the minor.
  • Per university regulations, courses taken pass/fail may not count toward the minor.
  • At least 9 hours toward the minor must be completed at UNC.  Accordingly, one course taken through a study abroad program may count towards the minor under the following conditions:
    • The course has been approved through either the Study Abroad or Summer School office. Students should bring back all course materials to facilitate the approval process.
    • The course has been approved by the Director of the SEJ minor.
    • The student has earned a “C” or above.