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UNC at Chapel Hill currently works with a two-tier advising system. First, students have departmental advisers from whom they receive assistance in selecting courses to satisfy their major requirements. In addition, students are assigned to an advising team in the Academic Advising Programs in the General College and the College of Arts and Sciences (Steele Building). You should meet with one of these advisers in the Steele Building at least once a year to make sure you are on track to graduate.

If you are trying to decide what classes to register for, check out the Tarheel Tracker program in Connect Carolina. The Tarheel Tracker gives you personally customized information on what general education and sociology requirements you have and have not fulfilled, how transfer credits count toward requirements, etc. The Tarheel Tracker is a great tool to use before your advising session.

Sociology Department Advising

For questions regarding the Sociology curriculum and requirements, contact the Director or Assistant Director of the Sociology Undergraduate Program. Please be sure to include your PID in the email.

Jacqueline Hagan – Director of Undergraduate Studies
213 Hamilton Hall

Rene Iwo – Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies
214 Hamilton Hall

Academic Advising Program

The Academic Advising Program is located in the Steele Building on main campus.  All Sociology majors are assigned to the Social and Behavioral Sciences division which is conveniently located on the first floor.

For questions regarding the General College and Arts & Sciences Perspective Courses, university requirements for graduation, and interpretation of university rules and regulations (such as eligibility criteria), contact the one of the Social and Behavioral Science Advisors:

Barbara Lucido – Assistant Dean
1002 Steele Building

Carolyn Covalt – Senior Advisor
1005 Steele Building

Melissa Edwards – Advisor
1017B Steele Building

George Maitland – Advisor
1003 Steele Building

Rachael Murphey-Brown – Advisor
1008 Steele Building

Dennis Soberl – Advisor
1007 Steele Building

Linwood Webster – Advisor
1017C Steele Building

Andre Wesson – Advisor
1015C Steele Building

Click here for Arts & Sciences Advising Schedule